Curious about animals? Make the most of your visit to Edinburgh Zoo by attending one of our daily animal talks and encounters! 

Talks and tours are subject to change and are located at the featured animal enclosure unless stated otherwise.

Chilean flamingo side on and front on in water IMAGE: Amy Middleton (2022)

11am – Discover Flamingoes

Discover how flamingos may look delicate, but they’re one of the most hardcore birds on our planet.

Did you know – flamingos are pink because of the carotenoids (red pigments) found in the algae and shrimps they eat? These pigments are also found in carrots and peppers.

Watch out for… our flamingos standing on one leg (what you think is their knee is actually their ankle)!

2pm – Animal Antics

Edinburgh Zoo's Animal Antics show is an incredible showcase of natural behaviours and wild adaptations

The animals vary between shows, as we work solely with animals who are willing to be involved. Our aim is for the animals to display natural behaviours as instinctively as they would in the wild. Previous shows have included rainbow lorikeets, tawny owls, turkey vultures and three-banded armadillos.

Located at the arena behind Sloths and Armadillos.

Pygmy goat Zulu at animal antics IMAGE: Amy Middleton
Two giraffes facing to the right. IMAGE: Amy Middleton 2023

3:15pm – Discover giraffes

Discover why giraffes are unbelievably unique, but also increasingly endangered.  

Did you know – climate change is reducing giraffes’ access to water, but we can help!  

Watch out for… our five young male giraffes playfighting with one another in ‘necking’ matches.