Have an unforgettable day out at Edinburgh Zoo, home of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) and visit over 2,500 incredible animals from around the world!

Meet the animals

Have an un-fur-gettable day out at Edinburgh Zoo, home to over 2,500 incredible animals from around the world! The zoo is a gateway to the natural world, where you can experience nature, learn about the challenges facing wildlife and discover how our wildlife conservation charity is working to save animals from extinction.

Queensland koala sitting up on a nook in a branch with one hand holding itself and one in front Image: ALLIE MCGREGOR 2024
Northern rockhopper penguin looking directly at camera [eye-contact] IMAGE: Sian Addison 2018


Edinburgh Zoo stands as a beacon of conservation, committed to safeguarding endangered species and their habitats. At the heart of our mission lies a bold ambition: to reverse the decline of at least 50 species by the year 2030. 

Visitors are not merely spectators but active participants in our cause, invited to engage in educational experiences that highlight the importance of conservation. At Edinburgh Zoo, every roar, chirp, and rustle speaks volumes about our collective responsibility to protect and cherish the precious diversity of life on Earth.

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